Monday, February 8, 2010

What's on your plate? ... Homemade Pizza for Valentine's


You will need:
1 bag store bought pizza dough
300 grams. mozzarella cheese
1 cup tomato sauce ( I use meat flavor)
1/4 ham
2 pineapple slices (I use from a can)
3 garlic teeth
olive oil
1 baking tray

What to do:

Follow the  instructions on the back of your store bought pizza dough on how long to let it seat before playing with it. Chopped ham and pineapple in bite sizes, and mince garlic. Play with your pizza dough and form any shape you will like your pizza to have. Add a rub of oil to your baking tray, then place the dough on it. Start adding the tomato sauce all over your dough, sprinkle the garlic you minced before, cover with cheese and add your toppings. And last add pinch of oregano and ready to go in your oven at 425 D for 20 minuntes.

 Now, cut personal slices and serve as tapas with a good wine!!  
Provecho :)

Make this for Valentine's...use a heart cookie cutter!!


Paul said...

this pizza was delicious!!!!

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