Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cookie Bouquet

Spring is almost here! Can you feel it?

Beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and sunny days will be here in no time...have a Picnic party! and make this beautiful Spring Cookie Bouquet.

You will need:

Pretty Spring ribbon

I used 3 different ribbons. One with roses, one with strawberries and another one with polka dots.

Get inspired

Bake a couple of sugar cookies with lolli sticks inspired in the patterns of the ribbons you picked, The lolli sticks will help you to insert them inside the bouquet.

Put it together
1 metal bucket or box
Wrapping tissue paper
Small stereo foam piece
Spring ribbons
Clear tape

Clean your metal container. Place your stereo foam piece inside and cover with wrapping tissue paper, just as shown in the picture above.

Insert the lolli cookies one by one and be careful! don't try to force it into the stereo foam, sometimes you just have to look for another spot :) or your lolli cookie will brake.

Another option

If you don't have a metal bucket, you can use a pretty mason jar...they are easy to find at your grocery store.



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